Wealth tax needed

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington


The world’s billionaires have increased their total wealth by hundreds of billions ($) during the pandemic while many people and businesses are losing income. Read the rest of this entry »

Need to look at history dominated by ideology of exploitation

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

In America, blacks don’t dominate baseball the way they do gridiron or basketball; it seems strongly Latin at the top today. Read the rest of this entry »

Instagam and Amway reward systems examples of exponential marketing philosophy, as is refusal to address climate change

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

Verity Johnson’s ‘influencer’ (SST, 24/05) where you have to reach big numbers of followers before you start being rewarded with much cash is a mentality much like Amway where you have to be organizing many sellers (((who themselves organize sellers ((who org sellers (w o s),. . .))))) . . . before attaining much income yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

Will Covid-19 bring the end of the Trump illusion?

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

There is a report from the USA that plans are being made for the military to take over running the country if the government in Washington DC is crippled by Covid-19. This report curiously appears even though President Trump has tested negative and Senator Rand Paul is the only one I know who has tested positive. Is there more to the virus spread in Washington than has been revealed?

But just as interesting is Trump’s assertion that he wants a lockdown to last for only two weeks due to its economic impact, perhaps fearful that billionaires and large corporations may not come out more dominant from a prolonged shutdown. This appears to most as a trek into Neverland as the crisis has clearly raced onward.

It needs to be understood that Trump is not the real problem. Although dangerous, Trump is little more than a symbol and a symptom of a wider malaise, seen in the Post Truth Era that we are living through and which is global in dimension. So Trump already has the sound of a disembodied voice and may start fading from public view like Alice’s cheshire cat, leaving no trace in the global mind but the grin of an uncertain fear.

Richard Keller

‘Populist’ a misused word

The Editor,  The Herald,  Auckland
06 August, 2019

Dear Editor:

The term ‘populist’ is usually grossly misused today. A ‘populist’ is a person who is working for justice and due influence of those downtrodden by the system. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Boomers, GenZ and millennials all in our culture together

The Editor
The Sunday Star Times
13 July, 2019

Danielle McLaughlin (7 July, US Freedom) like so many others makes the mistake of describing climate change denial as a generational characteristic (“ruling class of baby boomers”). Read the rest of this entry »

Brexit supporters’ objections are not primarily about loss of social services, jobs, etc

The Editor,The Herald,  Auckland

28 June, 2016

Dear Editor:

Immigrants are known not to cause loss of social services, jobs, etc. according to some studies. However that may be, the complaints of the Brexit camp in the UK about immigration are not fundamentally about the loss of social services, jobs, etc.  Read the rest of this entry »