The Wind Band Composer in the 21st Century

The Wind Band Composer in the 21st Century Read the rest of this entry »

Austrsalian Percy Grainger composed many exquisite miniatures

The Editor, The Listener

Private Bag 92512, Wellesley St.,  Auckland 1141

20 February, 2018

Dear Editor,

Percy Grainger (Percy-verance, David Hill) may not have composed anything over 20 minutes long, but did create many exquisite miniatures exhibiting original harmonies, reflecting his understanding of his Nordic heritage, meant to touch the soul of a waring world. Read the rest of this entry »

“10 musical drummers and 110 frustrated plumbers” – TBDBITL

“10 musical drummers and 110 frustrated plumbers”

Fifty year anniversaries seem to be popular right now.  The 2012 OSUMB did ’50 years of the Beach Boys’ and ’50 years since John Glenn’s orbit’, and in 2013 ’50 years of the Beatles’.   Recent TBDBITLetters have stories of 50 years of the red beret , the T-row Tail (I didn’t remember that one at all), and bus “commodores”.  And almost 50 years since the first air trip is noted in the new 2013 Script Ohio.  And about 50 years after I was in the OSUMB I’m moved to offer a reflection on director Dr. Charles Spohn’s provocative comment as quoted in both the new 2013 Script Ohio (Tradition of Excellence) and the 1989 one (Time and Change):

“It was a standard thing that the band was 110 musicians and 10 drummers.  In my time there that got turned around so that there were 10 musical drummers and 110 frustrated plumbers.  The quality of the drum section far exceeded the quality of the rest of the band.”  The 1989 Script Ohio book suggested there was a bit of hyperbole in that comment, but said it was perhaps acceptable given Charlie was the percussion instructor in the School of Music and proud of the development of the section. Read the rest of this entry »

Stadium “club seats” and YouTube videos

December 17, 2012

Editor,  Ohio State Alumni Magazine, 2200 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43210

Dear Editor,

Correspondent (Nov/Dec ’12) Brad Betts laments the empty seats of alumni (or not?) who own the club seats on the west side of the stadium, 50 yard line, just below the corporate boxes at the base of what used to be only the press box.  They apparently soon leave for their tailgate parties (or is it to take advantage of the perks served undercover for these high$ donors?). Read the rest of this entry »

“. . .transfixing in its awesomeness…” Entertainment Weekly 081012

“. . .transfixing in its awesomeness…”  Entertainment Weekly 081012

It may not be unusual for Entertainment Weekly (USA) to engage in the type of hyperbole evident in the quote above, used to describe the halftime band show by The Ohio State University Marching Band (OSUMB) on 8 October this season.  Still, it is extraordinary to describe a marching band in those terms: Read the rest of this entry »

Brass Band Association of NZ – National Championships 2012

Brass Band Association of NZ – National Championships

Timaru:   4-8 July, 2012

Brass Bands are a presence in New Zealand mostly through their own interest in competition.  Competitions are a means of motivating players and bands to do well and provide an opportunity for them to find an appreciative audience, mostly other bandsmen.   This year’s national competition in Timaru (moved from Christchurch) had one aspect that especially caught my ear. Read the rest of this entry »