It’s Labour that is Labour-lite, not The Greens

The Editor,  The Dominion Post (and Weekender),  Wellington


Sue Smith (03/09) claims that the Greens have become ‘Labour-lite’, but she has it backward; Labour is Labour-lite! Read the rest of this entry »

Updated tourism letter

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

Tourism has been overplayed for years resulting in an overbalanced economy tilted toward rising CO2 emissions. Read the rest of this entry »

Submission for New Zealand Rail Plan (GPS)


New Zealand Rail Plan – Draft

Ministry of Transport (GPS)

Rail planning will be included in the Transport Plan (GPS) which must be seen as part of our life lived within the global ecosphere, especially our land. Read the rest of this entry »

Post Truth is a cultural not generational phenomenon

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington
24 November, 2019

Dear Editor:

A lot of intergenerational snipping currently in the papers after Green MP Chloe Swarbrick flicked ‘OK Boomer’ at parliament the other day. It is good climate change got some publicity but the Post Truth Era where denial has become mainstream is not primarily generational in origin, but rather cultural.

The exploitative ideology toward the eco-sphere goes hundreds of years back, perhaps thousands. How many generations is that? Whether boomers or millennials, or any other, we all share that heritage. No generation is immune from that influence.

On a mostly subconscious level our culture is working through a momentous decision whether to change fundamentally, adjusting to the new realities of a warming world, or to mostly stay the same and take our chances. It may be fun to watch boomers and millennials snip at each other, but it is a distraction from our real task of examining ‘who we are’.


Richard Keller

Murdoch’s view of what the Royal Commission will find about the SIS and GCSB

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

31 March, 2019

Hello The Dom Post,

Sharon Murdoch’s insightful cartoon (29/03) may be a good summary of what a down to earth Royal Commission examining the SIS and GCSB would find as the main targets of those organizations: Read the rest of this entry »

Donald Trump’s ‘natural instinct for science’

The Editor,  The Herald,  Auckland

25 October, 2018

Dear Editor:

Responding to the latest IPCC upgrade of the need for action US President Trump has been quoted as saying that he has a ‘natural instinct for science’ in relation to climate change and asserts that scientists are too biased to be trusted.  Say, what? Read the rest of this entry »

Labour government roots centered in the Cold War and their Neo-liberalism

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

11 October, 2018

Dear Editor:

The nature of this government’s reluctance to get on with upgrading the remuneration of teachers and nurses, to name but two, which had stagnated under the previous government is revealed more by their plan to spend an extra $Bln or so on an attack warplane than its current reaction to the surplus in the national books revealed by Treasury. Read the rest of this entry »

Shock of climate change reality produces denial widely

The Editor,  The Dom Post,  Wellington

13 October, 2018

Dear Editor:

In his rambling diatribe against the apparent racism of NZ First’s so-called ‘Respecting New Zealand Values’ bill, Joel Maxwell (8/10 Dom Post) suggests that people are born racists and must try very hard, and sometimes be lucky as well, to overcome that natural tendency.  Read the rest of this entry »

Tourism threatens ecosphere

The Editor,  The Sunday Star-Times,  Auckland

01 August, 2018

Dear Editor:

Letter writer Mary Holloway notices and complains about the erosion of what it means to live in New Zealand, and consequent threat to the ecosphere, by those promoting more tourism. And good on her.  Read the rest of this entry »

Denial is a global thing.

The Editor,  The Sunday Star-Times,  Auckland

13 June, 2018

Dear Editor:

David Slack (“she’ll be right”, 10 June) keeps repeating himself throughout the article to make it clear: we are so clever here in “godzone” at finding ways to deceive ourselves about how clever we are. Read the rest of this entry »