Submission to Let’s Get Wellington Moving

These paragraphs were used in creating my submission (on their form) to the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project.

Scenario A is the place to start and finish. Getting people onto public transport is the top priority.  Providing better public transport must happen.  Light Rail would be the centre of those improvements.   This should be referred to as “Scenario A+”. Read the rest of this entry »


Four modes of local residential transport

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

02 October, 2017

Dear Editor:

Transport is Wellington’s most important issue these days. The transport system needs to be re-invented to prepare for a sustainable future.  It should be no different for Island Bay. Read the rest of this entry »

Response to Ian Apperley on Scoop

Hi Chris:
Glad to see you keep the subject of light rail in the public discussion.  But Ian didn’t say anything about light rail only about flying cars.  Do you think Ian was primarily trying to open a useful discussion about transport (the most important issue facing Wellington), or did Ian have some other priority?

Wellington Regional Transport Plan – Submission from Fair Intelligent Transport (FIT)

FIT Wellington,  Submission to the Regional Transport Committee on the Draft Regional Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015

Date: 15 February 2015

Contact: Michael Barnett

299 Karaka Bay Road,  Karaka Bays, Wellington 6022

Tel 970 5487,  Mobile 0210836 8114,  Email


FIT Wellington opposes the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 and seeks a comprehensive review and modification of the Plan to accommodate the following: Read the rest of this entry »