Gordon Campbell is right about the dairy industry

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

09 March, 2017

Dear Editor:

It may seem unkind for Gordon Campbell to use the derogatory term ‘genuflecting’ to describe the government’s upholding of the dairy industry’s views on water quality and swimable rivers (“genuflecting upon the export returns from our daily exporters”, March 2, Wellingtonian). But no, rather it is an appropriate term when understood in the broader cultural influences on policy. Read the rest of this entry »


Reply to Gordon Campbell on ‘populism’

Gordon Campbell’s attempt to define populism leads him to claim there is much equivalence of Trump to Podemos, for example. Does he really think Trump is “truly and aggressively in opposition to the politics of ‘business as usual'”?  Read the rest of this entry »

Response to Gordon Campbell on the UN Israeli settlements resolution

If the ‘2-state solution’ is a dead duck, Gordon, then what is the solution?   Is there a solution? Years ago, Edward Said (d 2003) said that the ‘right of return’ option had never been offered by Israel. Is it too late to offer a welcome to those Palestinians who wish to return to Israel? Those who would come back would challenge a notion that Israel (Zionist/nonzionist?) has no right to exist and would create new hope if actually actioned with safety. The Netanyahu factions in Israel would be put on the defensive. A practical problem involves to what would the Palestinians ‘return’? The neighbourhoods of the displaced Palestinians have been destroyed and replaced with Jewish neighbourhoods.
This has apparently become only a hypothetical solution as I never hear it discussed anymore. Can it be placed on the agenda again?

The Key-English transition – response to Hon. Jefferson Smith

The Hon. Jefferson Smith makes similar observations to Gordon Campbell.  Read the rest of this entry »

Response to Gordon Campbell on the ‘succession’ of Bill English.

“Yet, to pursue the analogy, the severity of hurricanes these days tends to be a symptom of climate change. Similarly, it was the wider climate change within MFAT that drove the formation of this particular hurricane. ”

Gordon, to capture the ‘larger’ larger picture here you should pursue the ‘climate change’ analogy further.  Read the rest of this entry »

response to Gordon Campbell’s article of the media normalisation of Trump.

“Because it is deemed to be good for the citizenry to believe that there is nothing that cannot be resolved by a rational debate, conducted politely between parties who supposedly have the same democratic goals in mind. ”  Read the rest of this entry »

response to Gordon Campbell on ‘Putin, etc’

You say ‘it isn’t a binary world’ in regard to the rise of the right and Trump, Putin, and China.  Read the rest of this entry »