Emergency infrastructure in port more important than ferries

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

04 December, 2018

Dear Editor:

The most important aspect of any rebuild of the port area in Wellington (CSN, 28/11) should be directed toward resiliency and the construction of emergency facilities in the wider Wellington region. The ferry port should be a part of this planning, not separate from it.  Read the rest of this entry »


Kilbirnie ‘bus hub’ disappointing

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

24 November, 2018

Dear Editor:

I am disappointed with pedestrian access to the new so-called ‘bus hub’ in Kilbirnie which is operational now. Read the rest of this entry »

GWRC Cr Donaldson needs to be challenged on WCC transport

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

03 September, 2018

Dear Editor:

Threatening ballot box retaliation for the new bus system fiasco must be considered carefully. Read the rest of this entry »

Submission to GWRC on bus driver contract

To the GWRC – You have an obligation to ensure that bus drivers who are affected by your decision to change contractors do not lose their jobs or have their incomes reduced. Next year you will be standing to represent us and our communities. You need to show good faith now by protecting these drivers and their families.

It’s bad enough that you have shown the Council’s desperation so openly with your aggressively irrational removal of the trolley busses which had another perhaps 15 years of usefulness.  Treating the drivers honestly and respectfully would be chance for you to both make a comeback towards fairness, and to put the irrationality of the trolley decision into the background.  Do you want to continue to look desperate?

Richard Keller
Lyall Bay

GWRC needs to consult Wellington on trolley buses and low carbon transport

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

18 July, 2017

Dear Editor:

John Lawes observation that the GWRC consultation options for bus stop relocation lacks detailed descriptions reinforces my notion that this consultation is intended mainly to be a distraction, leaving the most important decisions out of the consultation process. Read the rest of this entry »

response to Scoop article on Wellington transport (10 July)

The elephant in the room as we are all aware, I suppose, is that the Hutt and Kapiti suburbs primarily look on Wellington CBD as an impediment to getting to the airport. Read the rest of this entry »