Trump and Putin nuclear oligarchs

The Editor,  The Sunday Star-Times,  Auckland

24 July, 2018

Dear Editor:

Danielle McLaughlin (SST 22 July) discusses the dangers of U.S. President Donald Trump’s apparent naivety in dealing with Russia’s Putin. But she doesn’t mention the place that Russia has in Trump’s world view which is potentially more dangerous. Read the rest of this entry »


Trump and Putin a pair of nuclear oligarchs

The Editor,  The Sunday Star-Times,  Auckland

19 July, 2018

Dear Editor:

In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump claimed he wanted to “make America great again”. What he was referring to was that heady time just after WW II when the USA was the only military to possess the atomic bomb.  And following on with the cold war when the USA was top dog and the Soviet Union was trying to keep up but only managing just-under dog, both keeping the whole world as nuclear hostage.

You could see that at work as Trump was meeting Putin in Helsinki. It’s a natural pairing as Putin is an oligarch and Trump wants to be one.  Trump needs a powerfully nuke-armed Russia (almost as) super power to recreate that surreal and insane world.

With ubiquitous computer hackers and secret operatives around the globe the current media and political emphasis on Russian hacking of the US election could be a distraction from the larger danger.

Richard Keller