Response to Michael Barnett’s Wellington transport article on Scoop

Informative and inspired analysis of NZTA again, Michael.  Thanks.  But you still don’t address the public support for the roading program and air travel.  While Wellington City has a reasonably progressive attitude toward transport, the suburbs see the City primarily as a barrier to getting to the airport.  Why support for more roads and air travel is so irrational, even desperate, is a question that must be addressed if we are to have the right discussions and do the right thing to sort out transport.



Response to Michael Barnett’s roading comments on Scoop

Thanks Michael for again calling out the ‘road and transport planners’ (engineers) for their desperate promotion of more roads in a time when it is clear to all that radical reductions of carbon emissions is a top priority.  Of course the engineers are counting on the continuing support for their plans from the Kapiti and Hutt suburbs who continue to see Wellington city primarily as an obstacle in getting to the airport.

Thanks particularly for the detail in suggested changes.  For me, it would be useful to see diagrams.   Do you have any?

Perhaps ‘wonderland’ is a bit beyond reasonable expectations, however, so have a think about that.


Wellington Regional Transport Plan – Submission from Fair Intelligent Transport (FIT)

FIT Wellington,  Submission to the Regional Transport Committee on the Draft Regional Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015

Date: 15 February 2015

Contact: Michael Barnett

299 Karaka Bay Road,  Karaka Bays, Wellington 6022

Tel 970 5487,  Mobile 0210836 8114,  Email


FIT Wellington opposes the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 and seeks a comprehensive review and modification of the Plan to accommodate the following: Read the rest of this entry »