Science denial apparent in many ways.

The Editor,  The Dom Post,  Wellington

30/08/ 2020

Dear Editor:

Incredibly there is still wide conversation and support in NZ (Wellington!) for more roads even though one of the best known facts of public policy globally is that building more roads increases congestion.

But when you look at the longer and deeper cultural/historical period we have come to, where denial of the fundamental change required to address the worst of climate change is rampant, it may not be such a surprise.  This denial illustrates a distrust of science.  In NZ, we also see the health sciences distrusted in conspiracy theory type accusations against the motivations of the government’s approach to Covid-19.  The denial is worse in the USA with accusations of the so-called “deep state” (what does that even mean?).  More subtly, the science of high rise building collapse is still denied in the NIST ‘official’ explanation of how the World Trade Center Building #7 came down on 9/11/01, as revealed in a recent study from The University of Alaska.

These are all examples of science denial in this Post Truth Era.  We must look deeply into our larger cultural/historical context to understand the times and craft a courageous determination to make the fundamental changes required to address climate change.


Richard Keller



Submission on Wellington Regional Draft transport Plan

Submission to the Regional Transport Committee on the Draft Regional Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015

 18 February,  2015

Richard Keller

General Observations on the Draft Plan

 The Draft Plan often references sustainability and offers elements which look in that direction.

(Vision – ‘To deliver a safe, effective and efficient land transport network that supports the region’s economic prosperity in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable’ ).

But ‘follow the money’.  Read the rest of this entry »

Wellington Regional Transport Plan – Submission from Fair Intelligent Transport (FIT)

FIT Wellington,  Submission to the Regional Transport Committee on the Draft Regional Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015

Date: 15 February 2015

Contact: Michael Barnett

299 Karaka Bay Road,  Karaka Bays, Wellington 6022

Tel 970 5487,  Mobile 0210836 8114,  Email


FIT Wellington opposes the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 and seeks a comprehensive review and modification of the Plan to accommodate the following: Read the rest of this entry »