Must realize that digital media is not producing much revenue

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

12 May, 2017

Dear Business Editor:

Business Editor Jane Atherton (7 May) notes that the rise of Google, Facebook and other social media have led to crippling declines in advertising revenue for print media. This implies that media companies like Fairfax and NZME should be able to overcome this threat by reworking their emphasis out of print and into digital.  But this fails to take into account that social media revenues are not primarily going to media companies but to big communication such as Google and Facebook which are not in the business of journalism. Read the rest of this entry »


Mobile Phones, Media, and reality

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

07 February, 2017

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Rosemary McLeod (Tuesday, 2 Feb) for describing a common reliance on social media to attempt to find meaning, “as if only by filming it does it make it real.”   Read the rest of this entry »

No nukes is the only good nukes

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

25 February, 2016

Dear Editor:

There are no “good nukes” or “less worrisome nuke tests”. Media headlines speak of the Iranian nuclear program and North Korean tests and provocative pronouncements, but relegate notes, if anything, on the continuing tests and huge budgets for nuclear weapon development in the USA and Russia, for example, to the inside pages.  That does not give a true picture of the current dangers of nuclear war and the headlines need to be adjusted. Read the rest of this entry »

Eastern Ward conversation about transport

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

09 November, 2015

Dear Editor:

It is good to see WCC in the Eastern Ward starting a conversation about transport issues in the ward.  Read the rest of this entry »