Fairfax and NZME should accept regulation

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

16 May, 2017

Dear Business Editor:

Business Editor Jane Atherton (7 May) notes that the rise of Google, Facebook and other social media have led to crippling declines in advertising revenue for print media. This seems to imply that media businesses like Fairfax and NZME should be able to overcome this threat by reworking their emphasis out of print and into digital.  Read the rest of this entry »


“Evil intent” a careless and provocative comment

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

27 April, 2017

Dear Editor:

In referring to North Korea one should be careful of the words one is tempted to use as they might apply to other circumstances as well. Jerry Brownlee’s “evil intent” comment is careless in that way.  Read the rest of this entry »

John Key’s “legacy”?

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

18 August, 2015

Dear Editor:

With the Prime Minister musing about his legacy and potential successors to National Party leadership getting more attention (Star-Times cartoon, 16 Aug), now is a good time to think about what the New Zealand public will think of John Key as a former Prime Minister. Read the rest of this entry »

Trainers will need to be students not teachers – version 2

The Editor,  The Sunday Star-Times,  Auckland

22 June, 2015

Dear Editor:

The article by Penfold and Bingham (14 June) relates to the issues surrounding publication of a book by Major Craig Wilson giving his story of the Battle of Baghak (Afghanistan, 2012), the Defence Force’s restrictions of its publication, and the 3D Investigates program about it.   Similar issues, including overtly political ones, could emerge from the deployment of NZ Defence Force trainers into Iraq.  Read the rest of this entry »

Sky City deal opportunity for right wing to pave way for Collins

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

24 February, 2015

Dear Editor:

It should be no surprize that right wing commentators are going after Steven Joyce and the Prime Minister over the Sky City deal.  Read the rest of this entry »

Nuclear war threat

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

01 April, 2014

Dear Editor:

It was pleasing to read Andrea Vance’s article bringing up nuclear war in her column (23 March, “Spectre of a nuclear end still hovering”). It is healthier to talk about the subject than to force it out of our consciousness. And it should be in the discussion about New Zealand’s relationships with other countries. Read the rest of this entry »

Asset Sales – “overcome with unease”

3 March, 2013
The Editor, The Sunday Star Times

Dear Editor:
It has long been a policy of the political parties on the right, like ACT and National in New Zealand, to favour private ownership over public ownership. The current government is even willing to push that agenda with the state owned power companies, like Mighty River Power, even though the government knows it would hurt the economy and remove public control of a resource that will play a large part in on-going development of a new sustainable culture. Read the rest of this entry »