Immigration issues on Mexican border tied to economic hedgemony

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

18 June, 2018

Dear Editor:

Has the US learned from the Nazis how to use family cruelty? Read the rest of this entry »


The new Labour Government and North Korea / Trump-Land

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

20 November, 2017

Dear Editor:

It is shocking, if not surprizing, that the new Labour government has indicated they might participate in a military option against North Korea while talking gingerly around the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Advice of self-respect and forward thinking, from Aotearoa Independence Movement, Murray Horton, Christchurch


Chief Reporter


Let’s Do THIS!

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Submission on the TPPA (International Treaty Examination . . .)

the Clerk of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee,  Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Submitted by:

Richard Keller

International Treaty Examination of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

I recommend dropping the TPPA.

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Patrick Smellie’s unfriendly tone toward protest

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

07 February, 2016

Dear Editor:

The generally unfriendly tone toward protest in Patrick Smellie’s (4 Feb) business editorial is annoying.   Yes, he does recognize that TPP protest organizers have done much to discourage violence. But his particular language sounds more like a grumble.  (“But if things get ugly, wait for claims of ‘false flag’ actions.”)  Read the rest of this entry »

The tortured thinking of Jonathon Milne (Sunday Star Times)

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

13 January, 2016

Dear Editor:

There is a similar intent and effect, namely domination, between the now lessened trade embargo of Cuba by USA and the restrictions on democratic sovereignty of the proposed TPPA. In the case of the embargo on Cuba it was a political domination by the big bully neighbour with economic implications, while with the TPPA it is the domination by the narrow profit interests of big bully global corporations with political implications. Read the rest of this entry »

TPP supporters late ‘spin’ reveals ‘part of the club’ mentality again

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

30 January, 2016

Dear Editor:

It is not generally realized that the version of the TPPA the government wants to sign up on 4 February is not likely to be the final version. The USA reserves the right to request changes, which no other country will be able to do, if this version fails to be approved by the US Congress.  And with the variety of opposition in the Congress, it is unlike to pass.  Read the rest of this entry »