GWRC Cr Donaldson needs to be challenged on WCC transport

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

03 September, 2018

Dear Editor:

Threatening ballot box retaliation for the new bus system fiasco must be considered carefully. Read the rest of this entry »


Post Truth in public transport at Wellington Regional Council

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

04 August, 2018

Dear Editor:

Herwin Bongers of Revolt Wellington makes the astute observation that New Zealand (that is, Wellington) is the only country signed up to the Paris Accord that has since removed sustainable public transport (trolley buses). Read the rest of this entry »

Wellington bus changes a distraction from needed expansion

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

23July, 2018

Dear Editor:

Now that the changes to the bus schedules have had a week in place it would be helpful to remember that these changes were originally touted to be an improvement of service with no increase in funding. Read the rest of this entry »

Submission to Let’s Get Wellington Moving

These paragraphs were used in creating my submission (on their form) to the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project.

Scenario A is the place to start and finish. Getting people onto public transport is the top priority.  Providing better public transport must happen.  Light Rail would be the centre of those improvements.   This should be referred to as “Scenario A+”. Read the rest of this entry »

Response to Ian Apperley on Scoop

Hi Chris:
Glad to see you keep the subject of light rail in the public discussion.  But Ian didn’t say anything about light rail only about flying cars.  Do you think Ian was primarily trying to open a useful discussion about transport (the most important issue facing Wellington), or did Ian have some other priority?

Response to Michael Barnett’s Wellington transport article on Scoop

Informative and inspired analysis of NZTA again, Michael.  Thanks.  But you still don’t address the public support for the roading program and air travel.  While Wellington City has a reasonably progressive attitude toward transport, the suburbs see the City primarily as a barrier to getting to the airport.  Why support for more roads and air travel is so irrational, even desperate, is a question that must be addressed if we are to have the right discussions and do the right thing to sort out transport.


Wellington needs more bus routes, not tinkering and dropping routes

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

9 September, 2016

Dear Editor:

Former Regional Counsellor Daran Ponter along with current counsellor Paul Bruce took it upon themselves, maybe three years ago, to inform city residents of the proposed changes to bus routes, mostly as a warning it seemed. (“Backlash. . .”, 1 Sept.) Read the rest of this entry »