The hatred of the Greens is visceral

The Editor,  The DomPost,  Wellington


New Zealand First has been the destroyer of many of the main promises of the Labour Party from the last election (Cap Gains Tax), but where have been the complaints and insults of Winston?  (Thanks to Sharon Murdock, Friday, for illustrating this reality, as she always manages to do.)  Contrast that to the wave of heat against Greens Co-Leader James Shaw for a comparatively minor offence.

Yes, the Green private school grant and loan was against Green Party policy, and yes, Shaw has been out of step with the party membership for some time.  But that doesn’t explain the vitriol from pundits and politicians. The visceral hatred of the Greens is always close to the surface.  The Greens have been right too many times in vocalizing the challenging (terrifying) changes necessary to move forward in a nuclear weapon filled, climate change world with growing inequality that they exist unforgiven.


Richard Keller


Too many unreliable outbursts

The Editor,  The Dom Post,  Wellington


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Humility needed, not uniforms

The Editor, The Weekender,  Wellington


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Shane Jones and New Zealand First are not ‘transformative’

The Editor,  The Herald,  Auckland
07 October, 2019

Dear Editor:

So Shane Jones tries to hijack the so-called ‘transformative’ label of the current government with his Northland port proposal just after the climate strike success has laid out the most important transformative requirement for the government, in fact for our nation and our culture. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Populist’ a misused word

The Editor,  The Herald,  Auckland
06 August, 2019

Dear Editor:

The term ‘populist’ is usually grossly misused today. A ‘populist’ is a person who is working for justice and due influence of those downtrodden by the system. Read the rest of this entry »

Advice of self-respect and forward thinking, from Aotearoa Independence Movement, Murray Horton, Christchurch


Chief Reporter


Let’s Do THIS!

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