“War to end all wars” or “Peace to end all peace”

Sent by post to DomPost, Wellington as part of ‘peace week’ in Wellington.  Also, Sunday Star Times.  Also posted onto St. Andrews on the Terrace website.

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Armistice Day is better day to commemorate WW I casualties

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

10 November, 2017

Dear Editor:

The 11th of November is a better day to commemorate the casualties of WW I than ANZAC day; the armistice to end the war was signed on that day in 1918. Read the rest of this entry »

White Poppies and Red Poppies

20 April, 2015

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

The White Poppy is for remembering – remembering everything that we need to remember about WW1: Read the rest of this entry »

No Palestinian land in 1948?

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

21 August, 2014

Dear Editor:

Rodney Brooks (Israel-Palestine conflict, 17 August) says “there was no Palestinian land in 1948” when the state of Israel was formed.  The Palestinians had been living there for some time by 1948.  What else does it take for Palestinians to belong in a place, or put another way, be indigenous to a place?   Read the rest of this entry »

WW1 – Empire not democracy

The Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

31 July, 2014

Dear Editor:

Did New Zealand go off to WW1 in order to save democracy and freedom?  “But the Germans were not the only imperialists and not the only ones to succumb to paranoia.  The crisis that brought war in 1914 was the fruit of a shared political culture. . . “  This quote from UK historian Christopher Clark from his book “The Sleepwalkers”.  Read the rest of this entry »

“The Sleepwalkers”, Christopher Clark

This sort-of review was composed as part of an evaluation of a Victoria Uni Continuing Education course in March, 2014.

The Sleepwalkers, Christopher Clark, 2012, Penguin

Christopher Clark has written a book on ‘how Europe went to war in 1914’ entitled “The Sleepwalkers” (2012).   Read the rest of this entry »

WW1 – Causes and Consequences

“WW1 – Causes and Consequences”

Dr. Steven Loverage, Victoria University Continuing Ed course – March 2014

Dr. Loverage was enthusiastic, organized and articulate. The attendees were interested, consistently in attendance, and some eager to participate in discussion. (I myself contributed with e-mails to Dr. Loverage between classes.)  Still, the course missed the point of what is needed in a 100 year commemoration (over the next three or four years) of which it is a part. Read the rest of this entry »